How to Manage Rosacea & Sensitive Skin During the Winter

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How to Manage Rosacea & Sensitive Skin During the Winter

Rosacea, skin irritation and flare ups are very common, especially in the colder months. As the seasons change, you can tweak your skin care routine to better protect your skin.

1. Your skin is your largest organ, from diet and stress to environmental factors, such as UV light and air pollution, be aware that overexposure can trigger or worsen rosacea or compromised skin.

2. Use a mild cleanser. If it irritates your eyes, you probably need something more mild, like our Dual Cleanser

3. Apply a vitamin C serum- topical ascorbic acid reduces facial redness and helps provide a barrier from free radicals and environmental stressors

4. Wear a tinted SPF- Tinted sunscreen will camouflage the redness and protects against UV radiation that can trigger rosacea. Sunscreen is a shield against the snow, which reflects up to 80% of the sun rays!

Our Abella products are recommended for rosacea and sensitive skin, especially our ColorShade SPF 35 tinted sunscreen, Dual Cleanser and Cellution C serum. Test out the 3-step regimen with a sample package of Abella products for only $5! Samples available here

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"Sunscreens with emoillents and anti-inflammatory ingredients help reduce multiple symptoms of rosacea."