Eliana Belmonte Dr. Eliana Belmonte
DDS President
Skin Care Made Simple

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Abella Skin Care, Inc. was launched in May of 1999 in beautiful Boca Raton, FL. Our philosophy is to keep skin care simple and effective. The Abella Skin Care line fits easily into any skin care regiment and in all stages of the skin, from common skin care issues to post procedures with compromised skin. The President of Abella Skin Care, Eliana Belmonte, DDS, has a background working with physicians and directly with patients to experience the connection that links procedures and products for optimal results.  You will find the Abella products in reputable online e-commerce sites, top spas, physician’s offices and in prestigious hospitals. Abella Skin care has also been featured in Celebrity magazines and gift bags, Today Show, and the STYLE Network.

Dr. Belmonte is Hispanic and understands the demand for specialized formulas that are compatible with all skin types including ethnic skin. Abella's product literature is now available in bilingual, Spanish/English packaging. Eliana shares her industry knowledge and tips in her blog posts and on the Abella Skin Care Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages. She is also a contributing blogger in Spanish on PielBoutique.com. With an increasing demand for high quality products, Abella Skin Care continues setting the trend in offering the latest innovations in skin care.

Please be advised Abella Skin Care is not affiliated with Abella Mayfair. We do not have a membership or subscription program.