About Us

About the Founder

The Founder and President of Abella Skin Care, is a health connoisseur, mother of 2 daughters, and patron of art & culture - more.

Abella's Mission

Since Abella Skin Care launched in May of 1999, we’ve had one clear mission - delivering simple and effective beauty products to various skin types and demographics. We stand for integrity, diversity, versatility, courage and unity. 

Private Packaging & Training

Let us lead you in the private packaging process with an array of products utilizing our reliable network of professionals, suppliers, manufactures, and chemists. We also provide training to empower you with clinical and aesthetic skin care knowledge and techniques.

Inclusive & Multicultural

Our company is proudly bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. We celebrate diversity and align with a wide range of multicultural clients, vendors, and partners. As an inclusive brand, we wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ+ community.


Nazli Santana

I've worked for MedEsthetics and Dayspa Magazines and came across Abella Skin Care products during a trade show. I've tried all kinds of products but have found that Abella Skin Care's ColorShade SPF 35 works the best

Nazli Santana

Gleydy Brito

I have been using Cellution C for almost 3 years now and I am obsessed!! I’m on my 3rd bottle about to get my fourth bottle and my skin has never looked or felt so radiant and smoother. The benefits the Cellution C provides are amazing (reduces redness, improves skin tone & elasticity, just to name a few) Cellution C has become my holy grail for my skin care routine

Gleydy Brito

Jessica Butzer

I used to have such problematic skin, and then I started using Abella and my world changed! I use Abella for all of my skin care products from the tinted sunscreen to both the Dual and Exfoliating cleaners to the Cellution C. I trust the ingredients, love the affordable prices and they give great skin care advice!

Jessica Butzer