Skin Care Made Simple

Advanced Training Courses

A Workshop for Building Techniques & Skills for a Successful Skin Care Practice

Our mission is to empower you with clinical and aesthetic skin care knowledge and techniques in order to help you advance to a more successful career and financial potential. As a skin care specialist, or even a beginner, anyone wishing to sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge of the skin and the use of products can benefit from this Workshop. Whether your office is currently dispensing Abella Skin Care products, or you are just considering the addition of skin care to your practice, this Workshop is for you.

Our classes feature:

  • Skin Care Basics/Physiology of the Skin
  • Skin Classifications & pH
  • Ingredients & Terminology
  • Product Review
  • Working with Today’s New Technologies (microdermabrasion/laser)
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Chemical peels
  • Patient Management
  • Hands on
  • Q&A

Our Workshops begin at 8:30AM and conclude at 4:30PM with a Continental Breakfast and Luncheon included for all registrants. The morning session will cover Skin Physiology through Product Review. The afternoon session will resume with Treatment, Protocols & Patient "Hands on" with peels and microdermabration management.

All attendees will be provided a Training Manual, Literature, Clinical Articles, and Certification of Training. Marketing Kits may be purchased at an additional fee of $75.00 for those who choose to participate in the Marketing session.

We Offer On-Site, In-Office Trainings for you . Contact us for the details online or by phone (877) 622-3552.