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The Effects of Screen Time on Your Skin

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The Effects of Screen Time on Your Skin

Yes, sunscreen every day is necessary, even if you’re indoors!

New studies are sparking insight on blue light how our use of devices now requires us to amp up our protective skin care routine.

What is blue light?

Blue light sources include sunlight, as well as light pollution from digital screens like computers, phones, tablets and even street lights. 

Now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spending more time indoors and increasing our use of digital devices. Therefore, our skin is enduring heightened exposure to harmful blue light.

The effects of blue light

According to GCI, exposure to blue light can lead to increased incidences of prostate and breast cancer, obesity, diabetes and even psychiatric disorders. 

Blue light has the ability to penetrate the skin contributing to premature aging, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, redness(erythema) and collagen degradation.  

Tinted sunscreen is key!

You can safeguard your skin from blue light with tinted sun protection.

The key is using a physical tinted sunscreen with iron oxide, which does protect against visible light. Adding a visible light absorber such as iron oxide to sunscreens substantially lowers blue light transmittance. Here is the best part: the addition of pigments or tints to physical sunscreens greatly enhances photoprotection from the extra exposure. 

The gold standard is TINTED, blue-light-blocking sunscreen with zinc oxide (active ingredient) and iron oxide. Yes, our ColorShade SPF 35 is the gold standard product for indoors and outdoor protection and glow all day.