We Stand By You - A Letter From Our Founder

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We Stand By You - A Letter From Our Founder

Abella Skin Care stands against racism and systemic oppression. As a native from the Dominican Republic, I’ve experienced discrimination and have endured racist actions and judgements from people because of our skin and hair. I feel your pain. 

For over 20 years, I’ve made it a personal mission at Abella to ensure we speak to and cater to a diverse audience. We’ve represented as one of the few multicultural skin care lines, with products like our ColorShade SPF 35 that comes in four shades in order to appeal to all skin tones. 

This is a time for reflection, compassion, mutual support and action. Everyone has a role in ensuring the human race achieves collective liberation and thrives in a world that is free of discrimination. 

With love and hope,

Eliana Belmonte

Founder of Abella Skin Care