Skin Care Made Simple


Laser resurfacing is a treatment to remove unwanted scars, pigmentation, reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. During the treatment layers of skin are removed and recovery is generally 1-2 weeks.



Use products that will not irritate the skin as it heals from your laser treatment. First, start by keeping the skin clean with Dual Cleanser (a favor of many physicians) always be sure you are using a clean towel.  Avoid the sun, wear a hat and use sun protection daily, sunscreen such as, Solar Shade SPF 55 or the ColorShade SPF 35 available in four convenient shades of Light/Medium/Dark/Ebony.  Stay away from makeup until your skin heals. Once healed be sure to use new makeup and clean your makeup brushes, with Dual Cleanser.

As the treated area heals if there is still a little pigmentation apply the Enliten Bleaching Cream with 2% hydroquinone in the evening.  The Enliten will take away unwanted hyperpigmentation and decreases the production of melanin.  Consult your Doctor for further questions.