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Sunscreen for Cancer Patients - Do’s & Don’ts

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Sunscreen for Cancer Patients - Do’s & Don’ts

There can be blurred lines when it comes to which products to use when you have a condition, disease, allergy or treatment you’re undergoing. The Abella Skin Care team takes tremendous pride in this research and being informed on how we can make skin care simple, for everyone in a variety of situations.

The topic of chemotherapy and sun is important because of the drastic changes the treatment has on your body and because the sun can amplify the redness and irritation from radiation therapy. Specifically for skin, someone undergoing chemotherapy may experience:

  • Skin Redness and peeling
  • Skin Discoloration, often a darkening where pressure is applied to your skin. (More common in individuals with dark skin.)
  • Rashes

Do’s & Don’ts of Sun Protection and Chemotherapy:

  • Do not apply sunscreen that contains avobenzone or benzophenone they are chemicals ingredients and will exacerbate the irritating skin. A physical sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30, broad spectrum and preferable with a tint to cover the redness and any discoloration.
  • Do not apply any cream or sunscreen two hours before or immediately after therapy unless directed by a doctor as some skin cream products may change the radiation dosage that enters the body.
  • Do keep the routine simple.

A mild cleanser, serum and sunscreen should be enough. We recommend Dual Cleanser, Cellution C topical vitamin C and ColorShade SPF 35.