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Pre-treatment before skin care procedures

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Pre-treatment before skin care procedures

New technologies are making their way into the skin care and beauty industry every year.  Skin care treatments can range from skin peels and lasers to more in-depth skin treatment machines and protocols. Regardless of which procedure you’re signing up for, it’s vital that you take some time to research pre-treatment and prepare your skin prior to your appointment.

Pre-treatments are easy, help the skin to comply. You can start usually 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure is scheduled.

Why pre-treatment?

1- There are a wide variety of procedures/peels that have different strength levels.

2- There are different types of skin, reference the Fitzpatrick Classification. See earlier blog.

3- Pre-treatments prepare the skin for optimal results; avoid complications, and aid with even application for the treated area and optimal healing.

Here is a suggested pre-treatment protocol using Abella Skin Care products

  • Cleanse daily with the Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Apply the Cellution C daily. This will modulate melanin slowing down melanin production (pigmentation) 
  • Apply Renewal Gel three times a week in the evening after you wash your face for a minimum of 60 minutes. This will stimulate circulation and remove dead cells
  • Use the ColorShade SPF 35 sunscreen daily leading up to any treatment   
  • Consult with your doctor for any other suggested pre-treatment protocols.

Pre-treatments are not only what you apply on your skin. Be conscious of what you are drinking and eating. Eat foods that provide healthy healing enzymes. One of our favorite pre-procedure foods is the pineapple and papaya that contains an enzyme called bromeliad helping to reduce bruising and speed healing.