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A Drop of Prevention with Topical Vitamin C

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A Drop of Prevention with Topical Vitamin C

Did you know the sun decreases vitamin C content of skin? Photoaging is the number one cause of prematurely aged skin, which increases during summer sun exposure. Applying a topical vitamin C neutralizes UV rays and helps shield your skin from this damage. 

In order for your skin to reap the benefits, you need to apply topical vitamin C daily, especially in the summer. Here’s why:

  • protects you against sun damage
  • helps reduce pigmentation
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory against sunburn 
  • facilitates the formation of collagen
  • brightens the skin, keeping your complexion healthy and vibrant

That’s where we can help, our vitamin C product contains a unique base, Glycerin, an emollient moisturizer that increases the degree of hydration within the skin-softening the texture. Moisturizing the by drawing water from the air into the skin's outer layer. 

 *Source - Journal of Cosmetic Science May/June 2018 


Tip and Tricks for using the Abella Skin Care Cellution C Topical Vitamin C:                        

1 - Dab a drop of Cellution C™ onto a fingertip.  Apply to face, neck and chest morning and evening. Allow it to penetrate the skin before applying any other product(s) or makeup.    

2 - Use all over your body to get ultimate moisture. Mix a dropper full of Cellution C™ with your favorite body lotion and apply to body.  

3 - If you want to change the consistency of the product to be thinner just wet your hands before the application process (stated above) since ascorbic acid is water-soluble.