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Vic Fontaine, CortiGel Testimonial

I am a 72 man who for many years has been using prescription creams to address serious facial dermatological skin problems. Nothing has come close to the help your " Abella CortiGel gel has done to heal and reduce the problems. Also use your "Abella Solar Shade (SPF 45)" for my problematic forehead. I thank my wife for introducing me to these products, and to you for making these great products. Vic Fontaine

Lucy Marrero, Miami Peel testimonial

To Abella Skin Care,

I cannot say enough about Abella Skin Care. 

I started to have the Abella facial peels in June 2013 to look my best for a wedding I was going to in New Jersey in July and wanted to look my best (and youngest). I am not young, over 50 yrs and have wrinkles, some sagging skin and sun damage.  I don't want to have a face lift or an expensive chemical peel.


 I cannot say enough on how good my skin feels and looks now.  I have a peel with Abella every week, my skin looks so fresh and alive, it feels tighter/firmer, some of the wrinkles are disappearing or are just really fine lines (with continued peels I hope those fine lines and will disappear), my pores are becoming smaller and my skin feels smoother.  I am continuing to have the peels done every week or I take a break 1 week and then resume the next.  Instead of having a chemical peel done, I recommend Abella peels.  This may take a little longer, but I don't have to go through 7 days of recovering from the chemical peel, and I receive the same results. 

Thank you Abella!

Lucy Marrero

Thank You again,
Mary Cicione


Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 11:44 AM

Subject: Re: Serena’s skin

Thank you so much for having the sunblock with a strong SPF. Serena is a Transplant patient and she is on medication that can be harmful to her if she gets to much sun. Serena is a cheerleader and her games are at 2:00 in the afternoon. The sun is pretty intense, but with the ColorShade on her I feel secure she'll be all right. She has been through 2 seasons without a problem.

Diane Rippy

Holiday, Florida
June 12, 2001

Abella Skin Care, Inc.
Eliana Belmonte, DDS
4240 Oak Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Dear Dr. Belmonte,

My name is Diane Rippy and I have been using the Abella™ Facial Moisturizer Cell Renewal Formula for 8 months now. I have a condition called Rosacea and a form of dermatitis, which makes my face peel. I have experienced immediate results while using this product. My Rosacea diminished and my dermatitis is gone and my skin is so smooth. No more peeling! One day I was all out of moisturizer and a day past before I was able to purchase another one and my dermatitis came back. The next day I used this product was gone. I recommend this product to everyone. My redness is gone and the peeling is gone. This is so much better than having to use a prescription medication. I can’t be without it!

Eliana Belmonte, President of Abella Skin Care, suffered a head injury in April 26, 2005 from a car accident. By using the Abella Skin Care products and a series of Microdermabrasion, her results have been wonderful

                              Before                                            After (10 Months Later)