Skin Care Made Simple


Applying a self-tanner is a great way to give your skin a natural healthy glow without the sun damage. The common complaints with self-tanners are the streaks and blotches left after the application.


Before applying any self-tanner remember to exfoliate the skin. Try showering with the Exfoliating Cleanser, (avoid sensitive areas) which contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Aloe. Specially formulated with skin renewing Hydroxy Acid that removes dead skin cells for an even application and greater absorbency. Then pat the skin dry. Next, apply the self-tanner as directed by the manufacturer. Once the entire process is complete remember you still have to protect your skin from the sun. Try the ColorShade SPF 35 available in four convenient shades of Light/Medium/Dark/Ebony. *Please note self-tanners can intensify the appearance of hyperpigmentation and blackheads.