Enliten™ Skin Bleaching Cream with 2% hydroquinone, and 3% Rumex Extract, a tyrosinase inhibitor, bleaches unwanted hyperpigmentation. A unique blend that’s so effective that only 2% Hydroquinone is needed, minimizing irritation to sensitive skin.   It’s ten times more effective than Kojic Acid, which only blocks melanin. 

Combining these ingredients provides the greatest protection against pigmentation, reducing it in two ways: decreasing the production of melanin and lightening any surface pigmentation including dark circles in the eye area. 

Can be safely used immediately after microdermabrasion, non-ablative lasers and high strength glycolics.  Ideal for ethnic skin.  Best if applied in the evening.

For your convenience Abella has created a Pigmentation Kit which includes Enliten™, Cellution C 12% L-Ascorbic Acid & Solar Shade SPF 45 Titanium Dioxide or ColorShade SPF 30+ (tinted) Formula, all packaged in an attractive vinyl zippered bag with the daily treatment protocol.  

Note: For Best Results for the face, Bleach & Blend. Apply first to pigmented area.  Allow absorbing for approximately 5 minutes. Follow up with a second application to entire face & neck to avoid lines of demarcation. For the body, apply to pigmented area and allow product to absorb for approximately 5 minutes. Follow up with a second application.

Ingredients:  2% Hydroquinone, 3% Rumex® our Unique Blend of Natural Tyrosinase Inhibitor from Plant Extracts. pH 3.5 Size:   1 FL.OZ. Clear Glass Container with Easy Pump Dispenser