Skin Care Made Simple

Private Packaging

Abella Skin Care can lead you in the private packaging process and launch of your own skin care line. We have been in business since 1999, have a great reputation in the skin care industry, and a strong network of Professionals, Suppliers, Manufactures, and Chemists. The owner, Eliana Belmonte, DDS, has invested her time and energy to educating and gaining knowledge in the cutting edge technology and ingredients that are available in the market.

Abella products have been developed with the “new technology” age in mind. With the introduction of new procedures such as, microdermabrasion, professional peels, non-ablative laser treatments, and hair reduction techniques, Co2 Lasers, TCA, there is always a need for a skin care line which is non-irritating, healing to compromised skin, and addresses the need for good basic skin care maintenance.

Even if you already have a skin care line within your practice, let’s establish a strategic partnership. We can develop product formulas per request or integrate some of our specialty treatment products into your existing line. We specialize in sun protection, tinted and non- tinted, bleaching and brightening cream and topical serums of vitamin C and cortisone. The products we manufacture are sold in International markets, ready to compete with large brand names.  We can also offer you the option of bilingual (Spanish) literature and information to accommodate the diversity of today’s patient demographic. We can facilitate you in the process of launching your dream skin care line, with private packaging.