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Travel Blog – A Facial in another latitude

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Part of the journey when I travel is to indulge in a Spa treatment and I justify it as being part of my job. I take full advantage and go on a mission.This time my journey took me to The Westin Excelsior in Rome, Italy. I went for a Basic Facial and it was very good. It included extractions which most hotel spas do not do. The facialists happen to be Spanish from Peru and very knowledgeable about ethnic skin. Is important to know your client skin type and if any, the condition in the skin you want to treat. In my case, veins in the nose area and mild Rosacea which she suggested no heat to avoid dilation of the blood vessels. The massage was soothing and I forgot for an hour I was in Italy. The only “But” was the sunscreen applied at the end, was not as broad spectrum like the Abella plus I needed the tint for the color coverage. The experience was over the top, professional, and I really enjoy “my work”!

Travel Blog – Different latitude means different skin

Friday, October 11th, 2013

I have been away for a few weeks in Europe and noticed different latitude means different skin? Let me start with Russia. Take under consideration the weather, already cold and their habits (bad habits) I notice: In Russia most people smoke. Every establishment whether indoors or outdoors smoking is the norm. The skin suffers, due to being deprived of oxygen when the person smokes. Then I notice the acne scars in young and older adults was more prevalent than in other countries. The cold weather of 40 degrees already in September is drying out the skin. How I wish I could just walk around with the Cellution C (Topical vitamin C) and Facial Moisturizer to share. Russia is also famous for the bath houses that can add additional dryness and irritation to the skin and their hot steam baths followed by an ice cold bath or shower (you should hear me scream) is a part of their routine. I went on a Monday and it was very busy but I still enjoyed myself and the culture. They are bella but they need Abella …..

Stay tune for my next blog post with the next country.

Skin Care Tips for Ages 50 and up from Abella Skin Care

Friday, October 11th, 2013

We recently received an email from a customer who turned 50 years old and wants skin care tips. As we get older our skin loses moisture and elasticity. Remember to start and end your day with a gentle cleanser like the Dual Cleanser. It is important to use a daily moisturizer like the Apple Stem Cell which promotes the natural growth of skin stem cells to significantly reduce and prevent the visible signs of aging. Another great ingredient and product to add to your daily regiment is a topical Vitamin C. The Abella Skin Care Cellution C will stimulate collagen production while improving skin tone and elasticity. The Cellution C also has Glycerin as a base which increases water gradient in the skin and reduces surface roughness. If you feel even as you age you have oily skin try to apply products to the outside of your face first and blend in towards your T Zone. Lastly, before you leave your bathroom be sure to apply sun protection like the ColorShade SPF 30+ that provides protection and coverage with the 4 available tints of Light, Medium, Dark and Ebony.