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The Damage is Done!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

The summer is over on September 22nd, which is right around the corner and the damage is done. It’s now time to focus on repairing the pigmentation and collagen damage to your skin. We recommend a collagen stimulator like the Cellution C that will repair collagen not only to your face but the entire body. Vitamin C is depleted during UV exposure to the sun and it is time to bring it back.

For pigmentation we recommend the Enliten cream that can be apply to the face or spot treat on any other parts of the body. Remember to always wear daily sun protection even if it’s not the summer sun.



After cleansing the face, apply to the Cellution C either alone or mix with your facial moisturizer. Once dry apply your daily sun protection.


After cleansing the face, apply Enliten onto your fingertip. Apply a layer on pigmented areas. For optimum results, a few minutes later apply a second layer. Allow it to penetrate the skin before applying any other product(s).