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What is the best way for dark skin tones to exfoliate?

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Darker skin tones absorb more radiation than lighter skin tones. For this reason it is recommended to exfoliate less aggressively but more frequent. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Glycolic, Retinol or Lactic Acids are great ingredients to exfoliate dark skin. They remove dead skin cells, and they are less irritating to ethnic skin than rough, harsh scrubs. Scrubs or overuse of mechanical facial brushes can cause irritation that can become pigmentation.  When exfoliating the skin a sun screen product is required to protect the new skin cells and prevent pigmentation.

My experience at the Ritz-Carlton Spa Nautica in Marina del Rey, CA

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


Traveling with work has goods perks, especially in my industry. It was mother’s and the quilt of not been with my daughters turn into an indulgent Spa day, at the Ritz-Carlton Spa Nautica in Marina del Rey, CA.

The Spa offers 10 different facials to choose from, I choose the one call “O2 Reboot” how appropriate.

An unforgettable treatment by the lead Esthetician Kim Crook, she was experienced, professional and her hands were soft to the touch. The facial left my skin and my spirit revitalized. What stood out during the treatment was Kim concentrated on my skin with a detoxifying massage on my face and scalp along with my treatment. Who doesn’t like a scalp massage? It was not just a usual facial with the on and off creams routines. Follow with a manicure and pedicure by another well train professional April Amstrong. It was the best prescription to boost my mood and it worked. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Be a proactive consumer

Friday, May 10th, 2013

After reading about the tragic Bangladesh garment factory fire that could have prevented with more awareness and action I felt compelled to write this blog. Consumers should not only be concerned about what they put in their face but where it comes from. Abella Skin Care feels very strong about accountability as our whole world and our everyday lives are being outsourced. Consumers need to be aware of ingredients, working conditions and materials being used to  manufacture products and packaging that enter our homes every day and should be part of your shopping decisions.


Abella Skin Care is proud to openly let you know that our products are 100% manufactured in the Unites States and are meticulously approved by the FDA. The Abella packaging comes from Italy, where the factory sends direct to our US facility to be inspected before it gets in our hands and sold to the consumer. Take your time and be a savvy consumer. Be proactive and email manufactures and companies to let them know how concerned you are before they turn their back to you and the rest of the world. Be a conscious and concerned consumer.