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My experience with the Spa Culture in Bordeaux, France

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Being in the esthetics industry I try to put myself in the consumer’s shoes to stay in tuned with what is popular and what is proven.  As I travel the globe I explore what the local industry has to offer.  On my recent trip I had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux in France and had a facial at the hotel spa Nuxe. The Nuxe Spa felt historical and has natural sun light that flows throughout the treatment rooms providing a tranquil atmosphere. The Esthetician Anais was very professional and for my facial had a soft touch even during the dreaded extractions. Using a private label skin care from the spa formulated with local ingredients, she made my skin glow.  Anais followed my facial with a beautiful manicure. I was very happy with both services and getting to know the spa culture in Bordeaux, France. My expectations were met.