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At home mechanical exfoliation and cleansing brushes can do more damage than good

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Everybody wants flawless, glowing skin, but not everybody is willing to pay the high costs to get it. Luckily companies are aware of this growing trend for home treatments and are putting out new products to meet this demand. An example of a product meeting this demand is the new mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasion) brushes and the cleansing brushes that cleanse the skin and provide deep exfoliation.  When you exfoliate your skin you remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The positive side is you promote new cell growth and prepare the skin for better absorption of products like serums, moisturizers, self tanners, etc. The negative side of these home treatments is that there is no professional guidance like you would get a spa or physician’s office. People tend to use the brushes on a daily basis and over exfoliate the skin leaving it exposed and susceptible to sun damage or over drying. Any Esthetician or Doctor will advise not to exfoliate daily and to be sure to wear sun protection with a high SPF when using these brushes. Remember when choosing sun protection not all products are created equal. Most sunscreens on the market have chemicals such as, avobenzone, benzophenone, parsol 1789 and others, which will irritate the skin. As you incorporate exfoliation brushes into your beauty routine be sure to use products that will compliment and protect your skin.

When is the right time to go to a Dermatologists and have a mole checked

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Being in the skin care industry I meet a lot of Dermatologists. However, I never find myself going into any Dermatology offices for checkups like I do with my general doctor or dentist. Until the other day after an educational seminar a Doctor walked up to me and told me I should have the mole on my shoulder looked at.  I am turning 30 this year and didn’t think it was necessary for me to go once a year for a skin check up. She gave me a insider tip ….The mnemonic ABCDE rule, with A standing for asymmetry, B for irregular Borders, C for multiple colors within the mole or color changes over time, and D for diameter larger than the rubber eraser on the back of your pencil, and finally E for evolving, if it changes over time. If you see your moles doing any of the ABCDE rule you should go to a Dermatologist to have a checkup immediately.

Please stay tuned as there will be a series of blogs with the topic on Dermatologists and the health of your skin.

Time to Wise Up Buyers – “FDA Rebukes Lancome on Marketing”

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It is time for consumers to wise up and not believe every claim they read. The Wall Street Journal published an article today titled “FDA Rebukes Lancôme on Marketing”. It is not ethical for companies to make marketing claims to boost sales and by doing so they lose creditability.

At Abella Skin Care we take pride in our product line. All our products are tested and FDA approved. We choose our language carefully when marketing our products and focus on educating our customers above all else.

Please read this article and provide us with your feedback.