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Winter Outdoor Vacations

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

As we set out on our winter vacations we remember to pack the essentials; comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, jackets, etc. seem to be the main concerns. But don’t forget to leave home without your sunscreen! Just because the winter weather is upon us does not mean the threat of UV rays is gone. Whether you are skiing or on a cruise sun protection is the key to keeping the good times rolling. Nobody wants to be stuck in their room with a sunburn missing out on all the fun.  

We suggest the Abella SolarShade SPF 45. This product covers the whole family spectrum from babies (6 months and up) to your spouse. This is a physical broad spectrum sunscreen that when spreads onto the skin reflects the dangerous UV rays. For the more active members of the family you will be happy to know it does not burn the eyes when perspiring during physical activities. The SolarShade SPF 45 is water resistant and contains an ingredient that prevents it from coming off the skin into the water harming sea life.

Please see Assay for UVA & UVB testing results.

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For a hint of color with your protection please check out Abella’s ColorShade SPF 30+ available in four tints.