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Protect & Preserve your Tattoo Investment with SolarShade SPF 45

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

SolarShade SPF 45 delivers higher UV blocking efficiency than most commercial sun care products and acts like a barrier of sun protection on your skin. This silicone based product is a physical sun block (not chemical), which means it does not penetrate the skin or your ink. Instead this product acts like an umbrella protecting your ink from sun damage.

The Titanium base scatters UV light before it can enter the skin preventing your tattoo from fading that is due to both UVA and UVB radiation.  The silicone found in the SolarShade makes the tattoo brighter and more visible providing the highest water resistance levels of any topically approved material. The most important feature of the silicone is it does not dissolve tattoo dyes like many sun products on the market. As beach season approaches make sure you protect your tattoo with the SolarShade SPF 45.

Atención si habla Espaňol…

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Abella ofrece un link (enlace) en espanol en la pagina principal para dirijirte en la descripcion de nuestros productos.