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Where to go and what you get…

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Are you looking for the professional attention from a Doctor, pampering at the spa or a little of both?  Abella Skin Care can be found in all three…..

Where to go – Doctors Office

What you get – A medical diagnosis of your skins condition. In addition your Doctor can perform high potency chemical peels, lasers and fillers. 

Where to go – Medi-Spa

What you get – The increasing popular fusion experience that blends Doctor services with traditional spa comforts.  You will receive treatments by a licensed aesthetician, but will have a Doctor on staff to supervise chemical peels, make recommendations for skin care and intercede if problems occur such as allergic reactions.

If sterile Doctor’s offices are not your thing, this is the best alternative! Medi-spa’s offer a relaxing spa environment with the comfort of knowing a physician is available 24/7.

Where to go – Traditional Day Spa

What you get – The traditional spa is the ultimate in pampering.  They are the most popular of the 3 choices for facial and massage appointments. Although no Doctor is on staff, a licensed aesthetician can administer mild peels, microdermabrasion and offer recommendations for skin care.  The spa is perfect if you are seeking a relaxing day and a temporary glow.

Most day spas offer consultations with aesthetician’s for common skin care conditions. In these appointments you can come up with a skin care protocol that is personalized for your skin type.  This is a great tool if you can’t visit a Doctor.