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What can a Microdermabrasion do for my skin?

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The microdermabrasion has become a popular procedure performed in less than 30 minutes with no down time.  Performed by trained Estheticians, your skin is sprayed with small crystal particles that polish the top layer of your skin like a mild sandblaster. The procedure is more intense than a scrub because it gets into every pore and removes dead skin cells.  Neither a painful or uncomfortable procedure, the benefits are pores will be unclogged and appear smaller, freckles and dark spots lessen, and fine lines are less noticeable. This process leaves you with a refreshing glow and great for acne prone skin.


For normal skin we recommend that to begin cleanse your face with the Dual Cleanser or the Exfoliating Cleanser (Oily Skin). Complete Microdermabrasion Procedure. Treat your skin by placing 3 drops of Cellution C in the palm of the hand and mix with Facial Moisturizer.  Apply Cellution C with Facial Moisturizer to treated area and massage gently until well absorbed.  The last step is to protect your skin.  Apply SolarShade SPF 45 and/or ColorShade SPF 30+  to treated area.  Squeeze a small amount (a pearl sized drop) to finger tips or palm of the hand and apply evenly until cream disappears.


For acne skin calm any redness or irritation use the CortiGel in replacement of Cellution C and Facial Moisturizer


For Pigmentation/Sun Damage use the Enliten Bleaching Cream.


 Remember after this procedure to avoid the sun and protect your skin with the SolarShade SPF 45 or ColorShade SPF 30+ because the skin is compromised.

The Many Applications for the Cellution C ™

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

The standard application is to apply a drop of Cellution C ™ onto a fingertip.  Apply to face, neck, hands and chest.  Only a few droplets of Cellution C ™ are needed.  Allow it to penetrate the skin for a few minutes before applying any other product(s). 

If you want to change the consistency of the product to be thinner just wet your hands before the application process (stated above) since ascorbic acid is water soluble.

The Cellution C ™ can also be added to your favorite moisturizer. Place a small amount of Facial Moisturizer ™ into the palm of your hand and squeeze a few drops of Cellution C ™ onto it.  Blend the two together with your fingertips and apply.

For full body application mix a full dropper of Cellution C ™ with your favorite body lotion and apply to body, after all is an anti-oxidant.

*Checkout the Cellution C page under the products tab

Hot topic on nutrition continued

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Nutrition affects the entire body and the link between skin and diet are interrelated.  Inform your clients that they can counteract most of the common skin care conditions such as acne or rosacea by their food choices.

Our diet doesn’t cause acne or rosacea but it can be a contributing factor. Avoid the trigger foods!

Suggest to your clients to avoid the following:

– Junk food and processed foods with empty calories

– Spicy foods                                        – Alcohol                           

– Coffee and caffeinated drinks           – Dairy

– Cured meats

You can’t force your clients to eat healthy. Although, you can educate them and provide information that they can apply to their daily routine for better results.

Lead by example! Offer an assortment of vegetables in the waiting room and instead of ranch dressing try hummus.