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Take advantage of the Winter and liberate yourself from unwanted pigmentation

Friday, January 18th, 2013

We are happy to announce the Enliten™ bleaching cream is back and could not have come at a better time. Winter is the optimal time to erase the visual sun damage from the summer; and you know what I am talking about, pigmentation.

During winter you are indoors and most of your body is covered and protected from the sun; it is the perfect time to even your skin tone. Enliten is a unique blend that is so effective that only 2% Hydroquinone is needed, minimizing irritation to sensitive skin. Hydroquinone is very effective and is preferred by most Physicians. From your head to your toes we all have unwanted dark spots somewhere on our body. The Enliten can be used to treat all areas of the body. Great examples can be to lighten pigmentation caused from waxing on your face or get rid of the scar on your leg that pigmented in the sun.  Enliten™ works with all skin types (ref: previous blog post) and is ideal for ethnic skin.

Winter Outdoor Vacations

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

As we set out on our winter vacations we remember to pack the essentials; comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, jackets, etc. seem to be the main concerns. But don’t forget to leave home without your sunscreen! Just because the winter weather is upon us does not mean the threat of UV rays is gone. Whether you are skiing or on a cruise sun protection is the key to keeping the good times rolling. Nobody wants to be stuck in their room with a sunburn missing out on all the fun.  

We suggest the Abella SolarShade SPF 45. This product covers the whole family spectrum from babies (6 months and up) to your spouse. This is a physical broad spectrum sunscreen that when spreads onto the skin reflects the dangerous UV rays. For the more active members of the family you will be happy to know it does not burn the eyes when perspiring during physical activities. The SolarShade SPF 45 is water resistant and contains an ingredient that prevents it from coming off the skin into the water harming sea life.

Please see Assay for UVA & UVB testing results.

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For a hint of color with your protection please check out Abella’s ColorShade SPF 30+ available in four tints.

Even your skin tone with Abella’s Enliten Skin Lightening Cream

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Winter is here and yes the sun is less intense. This is a great time to continue your daily use of sun protection but to also lighten unwanted skin pigmentation (Dark Spots). Abella offers the Enliten Skin Lightening Cream with a 2% hydroquinone.

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, acne, pregnancy (melasma) and other inflammation of the skin. The combination of the Enliten ingredients provides the greatest protection against pigmentation, reducing it in two ways:  decreasing the production of melanin and lightening any surface pigmentation including dark circles in the eye area.  

 Enliten is great for all skin types and ideal for ethnic skin.  Best if applied in the evening and allow to absorb onto the skin.  For best results continue your daily use of sun protection with Abella’s SolarShade SPF 45 and/or the ColorShade SPF 30+ (available in 4 tints).

This time of year in the winter your skin routine changes…

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

 A personal Employee Blog (and feedback from our loyal customers)


 I have a great tip for the Abella users during the winter! For better coverage when your skin tone is lighter than usual, I mix the SolarShade SPF 45 with my ColorShade Dark. It gives better coverage (I love the texture) over my skin and makes the dark match my skin tone for the season. I promise once you try it you will do it all year around. Plus you get the added SPF that we all need to prevent those age spots!