Change in season change in skin care routine

September 28th, 2015

The fall is here and with the change of the season comes the change in routine to keep up with a healthy complexion. The slow and progressive sun exposure during the summer can be almost irreversible, it is time to:
Exfoliate– cell renewal is necessary to shed the skin damage from sun exposure while unclogging pores. Heat dilates the pores making them more exposed to hold dirt. During the summer deep exfoliation is a bad idea, according to the FDA Sunburn alert: products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) may increase skin sensitivity to sunburn. The skin cell renewal process slows down with age. Increase the skin’s natural exfoliation process with a product containing alpha hydroxide acids once or twice a week We suggest the Renewal Gel

Antioxidant– let’s repair the damage from over exposure to the sun, these harmful effects can be reduced and neutralized by applying topical vitamin C. The body limits the amount of ingested vitamin C. Applying a topical antioxidant directly into the skin is essential. We suggest the Cellution C
Sunscreen– I always believe that is the best anti-aging product to protect and preserve your skin is sunscreen. Prevent further damage and pigmentation. Help to slow down the signs of premature aging. We suggest ColorShade available in 4 different tints to match any skin tone. sun protection is not measuring up

August 6th, 2015

The media blew up this week about the website by celebrity Jessica Alba. The outrage was due to her sun protection products not providing adequate protection and allowing the skin to get sun damage/burn. Her customers posted on social media their sunburn before and after photos and some looked painful.

Sunscreen is a drug, an over the counter drug, which means is a product that can change how a living organism works. In this case, help to prevent a disease, skin cancer. The new craze of natural, organic, gluten free ingredients makes it very difficult to formulate a sunscreen that meets all the FDA standards and consumers desires. Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide (UVA and UVB blockers) cannot alone stop the solar rays from entering in our organs, the formula needs other ingredients to help to block and stay on top of the skin to make it work. That is why you don’t want to wear a chemical sunscreen they are more harmful since they absorbed through your skin. Chemicals ingredients like; Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Benzophenone, etc. You need to reapply every time you towel dry, sweat.
A good sunscreen does not need to have a high % of active ingredients, just the opposite the higher the % of active ingredients the more irritating can be.

Be sure when you are shopping for sunscreen you look for:
• Active ingredients without , Avobenzone ,Benzofenone, Parsol 1789, HelioPlex, Oxybenzone
• Is Broad spectrum UVA/UVB and a SPF of 30 or higher
• Water resistant for 80 minutes
• And do not buy a product because a celebrity says you need to buy it


How to read a sunscreen label

July 14th, 2015

about SPF Post

Choosing the right sunscreen can help reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. Learn to read the labels.

SPF – stands for Sun Protection Factor and only measures against protection against UVB rays.UVB rays are the main cause of skin reddening and sunburn.

Broad Spectrum – Provides UVB and UVA protection. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB and are responsible or aging and skin cancer.

Abella Summer Bag Esstentials

July 2nd, 2015

Abella Skin Care Summer Accessories Kit

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun in the sun! Take a look at our Abella Summer Bag Essentials featuring some of our favorites that we never leave the house without.

Abella ColorShade – fair, tan or dark? No matter your skin tone our four tints of ColorShade protect with SPF 35! The hint of color in the ColorShade adds the benefit of not having to cake on makeup to cover up blemishes or dark circles. Available in Light, Medium, Dark and Ebony here.

Hat and Sunglasses – must haves for additional sun protection

Pineapple – loaded with Vitamin A & C, this tropical fruit is affordable, travels well and is the perfect refresher after breaking a sweat. Add a slice or 2 to your water for an extra kick!

Abella Dual Cleanser – a gentle cleanser is a must after sun exposure. Our Dual Cleanser soothes and heals after a long day of sun and contains cucumber, aloe and bisabolol (found in chamomile) leaving the skin feeling refreshed & hydrated. Available here.

Portable speaker – Good tunes set the mood for any occasion! Songs we’re loving this summer: DJ Snake and Aluna George “You Know You Like It” and Ibeyi “River”

Scarf – easy to pack and lightweight, bring a scarf for a quick cover up or a way to spruce up your beach bag.

Is body acne making you self conscious this summer?

June 30th, 2015

Loving-Couple-Near-BeachIs body acne making you self conscious this summer?
Try our Exfoliating Cleanser on your entire body to exfoliate with Alpha Hydroxy Acid that dries up acne and remove excess oils. We suggest a quarter size drop in hand or a textured sponge to lather on the body then rinse. Avoid sensitive areas. Do not exfoliate after been outdoors in the sun. Use daily sun protection with an SPF 30 or more to protect from sun damage.


Facial cleanser for after a long day in the sun / sunburns

June 18th, 2015

After a long day in the sun be cautious of the products you apply on your skin. Avoid harsh chemical cleansers, soaps and exfoliators. Use a gentle cleanser with ingredients that soothe and heal the skin. Our Dual Cleanser is formulated with Cucumber, Aloe and Bisabolol (found in Chamomile) leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Purchase here-


Not all sunscreens are created equal

May 25th, 2015

abella skin care diff sunscreen

There are two kinds of sunscreens on the market: Chemical and Physical.


Chemical sunscreens that contain active ingredients such as Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Benzophenone, which are absorbed into the skin. This is an undesirable consequence since the chemicals pass through the skin creating free radicals.  These ingredients are known to irritate the skin and migrate (gets in eyes).


Physical agents, such as Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, act as an umbrella or metal blanket to reflect and scatter solar rays. Physical agents lay on top of the skin and are not absorbed, avoiding irritation.

Don’t live in denial about sun damage- Be AWARE

May 19th, 2015


May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May 12th, 2015


May is skin cancer awareness month.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, with more than 1,000,000 cases a year. Have you had your annual checkup with a Dermatologist? We don’t want to scare you but daily exposure to sun can lead to skin cancer. Shocking Fact: More than 5 sunburns in a lifetime doubles the risk of melanoma.  Be proactive and get yourself and your family checked out.

Benefits of papaya to the skin

May 7th, 2015

Abella Skin Care benefits of papaya to the skin